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There is a constant push for the collection and analysis of big data; while it has become apparent that events and festivals are gold mines for the collection of data, there are few technologies that are successful at gathering an entire events data. Worse yet, once you have the data you think you need, the arduous task of turning it all into actionable insight begins.
That is why 4ID Solutions has developed its new ‘all-in-one’ event solution.

An overlay to existing systems
We don’t want to change your system. Only improve it.

Credentials for our new UHF system can have a dual frequency option.  This means that it will fit in with your already existing cashless and access control systems.

Plan for future success

Improve your event every year by discovering what makes your attendees tick.


  • Multiple fittings – Tripod, Truss & 2 adjustable wall fittings
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Integrated GPS
  • Customizable branding
  • State of the art heat dispersion for prolonged use


Two tag types available:

  • Read range >2m
  • Butterfly clip or magnetic attachment
  • Fully customizable artwork
  • Read Range >5m
  • 3 colour LED light
  • Butterfly clip or magnetic attachment
  • Fully customizable artwork


  • Read range > 2m
  • Fully customisable high resolution artwork
  • Variable data ready


Marketing Data
  • What demographics spent the most time where?
  • What were the triggers that made people move?
  • Who were the biggest spenders? What do they like, and how can you meet their needs?
Operational Data
  • Crowd Flow and attendee density
  • Are people bypassing areas due to poor placement?
  • Are areas or stages not getting enough traffic to warrant their cost?
  • What triggers large crowd movement?
Sponsorship Data
  • Festival attendance
  • Audience demographic – How have these demographics spent their day?
  • Individual spending habits linked to their registration details
  • Audience interests by demographic – Music, Food, Arts, Performances.

At Event Benefits

Deploy staff as you need them based on real time information
  • Additional security to high traffic areas
  • Deploy cleaners to bathroom stalls used x amount of times
  • Stock replenishment at bars seeing high traffic
Programable LED lights opens up new opportunities
  • Withdraw entitlements for inebriated patrons
  • Indicate entitlements such as free drinks or food when near applicable vendors.
  • More visual access control by flashing red or green to indicate patrons pass type.

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